Q & A

Q: What the Pledge website is...  
A:  IT IS: Intended that everyone be able to take an active role in how this project proceeds.

IT IS: An online community. A friendly place to meet and communicate ideas and information with each other. Ideas and information that leads to change in our physical world communities. It is a place where you are invited to take part in the ongoing conversation happening in the Forum.

IT IS NOT: A place to belittle anyone in any way. That will not be tolerated here.

IT IS: An online handbook and resource for anyone who desires to be a Community Activator. A Community Activator is anyone who sees a need for change in their community and sets about to help make it happen.

IT IS: A place where you can have your business or service listed free in the Our Community's Directory.

Q: Why is the sharing of the Pledge Project happening now? 
A: Our concerned about the frequency of increasing groups of folks showing despair regarding the future, and the Pledge project Production Team began to form.

Q: Who runs the Pledge Project and how are decisions made?
Decisions are made in-house after considering responses sent from folks who have taken the Pledge project and have volunteered to serve on the Pledge project Advisory Council via The Forum.

Q: Who can be on the Pledge project Advisory Council?
A: Any one that has taken the Pledge may serve the Pledge project Advisory Council by going to the Advisory Council section of The Forum and participating there. You are invited!

Q: Can a business take the Pledge?
A: Yes. An individual, a group, an organization, an institution, or a business may take the Pledge. From the Main Menu, click "See Who's Pledged," to go to the page that lists each of the entities that have taken the Pledge. In the future they will be listed by category.

Q: How can I take the Pledge given I pay taxes, or drive a petroleum powered vehicle, eat meat, and the like?
A: While everyone has to individually resolve these questions, many have been resolved by considering whether one can, in fact, take part in modern life, at all. And, that includes developing and furthering our the Pledge project! Notice that the Pledge starts with the words, "I will always do my best."