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Global Community Unity


The Pledge Project is a global community unity movement. Our purpose is to inspire you to action and give you the tools and support to enable you to succeed in changing the world. We are all part of our one global community and it is crucial that we act that way. When our community unites and we support the other members in our community, we will arise as a new, combined energy which will thrive without the need for force. Changes at the community level are both realistic and significant. We can make the essential global changes one community at a time, all at once.

Please be involved in The Pledge Project immediately at the global level by taking the Pledge and being part of our virtual Community Unity Team (CUT) through the CUT Forum. At the local level you can offer your passion, expertise, or services in the creation of a CUT in your town using our "tool set". Share this possibility with others and pass it on!

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